Who is hayley williams dating 2016

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A nose-ringed, floppy-haired guy at a juice bar gets the warmest of hellos; a man with long dreads who works at her friend’s boutique receives a beaming greeting and a hefty shake.

Walk through any door with her, and you can’t be sure whether Hayley has known the people she finds inside her entire life or whether she’s meeting them for the very first time.

She laughs a bit nervously and, for the first time in our day, her brightness dims a little, too. ” in pop punk, she was really more of a Motown buff.

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Avril Lavigne had recently broken through, whetting the industry’s appetite for punky alternatives to Britney and Christina.“I got bullied so bad when I moved here that I started practicing how to say the word ‘awesome’ without an accent,” she says.Worried about her treatment in class, her mother found a homeschool tutorial at a church that met once a week and pulled Hayley out of public school.This sense of immediate intimacy has served her well.Hayley signed to Atlantic Records as the lead singer and lyricist of Paramore when she was just 15.

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