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Page BI' II Mini-Cassia More RVs likely Magic Valley resident may see more RV travelers in tlie area this summer. Vaughn said he is not frusirmed about wasting his hits. Particularly since Australian left- hander Mark Wi HHlforde is riding the hottest streak of his career and'is 'ranked 21 in tlie world, an all-time high. I -ranked Jim Courier last week in the Lipion Championships. Khremov and the Russian boxing learn are in Birmingham to renew the longesi-running dual meet in the sport. i The old Soviet republics liave* formed their own sports progriims,' so' it's the Russians alone who will Ik* fighting the Americans this year. Nine of the 12 boxers who competed in the 1992 Olympics for the Unified Team — Russia and nipst of the former Soviet republics — have turned pro. The American loam is trying to rebuild after u disappointing Olympic effon — only one gold and three medals total, its worst showing since 1956. ' should be squirreling away u percentage of their afier-lox pay.

Page B3 Underwater baseball The first round' of the CSI Classic "baseball tournament was interrupted by roin Thursday. 'Tve got 10 more days to make corrections and get even better.'' he ’ said. Now, us he competes for the final spot on the Philodelphia Phillies' pitching sloff. Phillies manager J[m Fregosi will choose from umong'‘Combs. "He didn't think that lost .spring." "Last year, I was upset with the way they handled things." Combs snid.'”Maybe it wasn't the best way. David Wheaton and Brad Gilbert, will play singles for the United Stales because Courier, Pete Sampras. It dates to 1969 wlien the Amcricansjjud Soviets fought in Las Vegas. "For the Russian championships tills year, we had about 160 boxers.*' Khremov said. ilmt’s not many boxers; We used to have 300.’’ The fighters do not seem concerned with the' political . Tlie American boxers have not beaten the Russians in u hcud-in- head dual since 198.7 — a losing streak that has .stretched to 10 meets. The Russian team sent to Birmingliani includes live teen-agers and no one over ilic age of 2.'? But tlie Unified team fared even worse al Barcelona, winning no medals. Another false assumption is that boomers will tap the equity in their' homes to provide retirement income, the study said.

Page D1 NCAA Sweet 16 Four more teams departed the NCAA basketball tournament in Thursday's games. Yeltsin continued to aim for a head-on confrontation with -the nation's legislature Thursday night amid signs thni'he may sur- vive an impeachment vote set for today. "That's why I'm not fearful that this is something that's just happening in spring training, because the work is there and it's going to pay off." Combs battles for last spot in Phillies’ lineup CLEARWATER. (AP) — Pat Combs never really- knew adversity us he climbed the baseball ladder from sundlots through high school, college, the minor leagues and the majors. he ready to deliver the promise of his first-round draft pick in June 1988. Kyle Abbott and Bob Ayiauli for the final spot in the bullpen. Fregosi decided the pitcher's arm wasn't strong enough and sent him to the team's Class AAA farm at Scranion-Wilkes Borre. I'd never been through that before und 1 didn’t know how to handle it; So. OI99S fotot U Indwc Sitot 1 ( Avoiloble only at parllcipoicng Polotit dealers. Andre Agassi uiul Michael Chang all are unavailable. doing the Clip justice, iheir country justice or their supporters justice." Fraser said. struggle., ■ Their focus is on the 1996 Olympics and possibly pro careers — unheard of under the old system. It was a bitter blow for u country that had won at least one boxing gold in every Olympics sincc_ 1956. "In Barcelona, there was no coordination Iwtween ih U republics;" Khremov It was very bad for the sport and the Rii.ssiun " Now the Russians are on their own. 24“ii*6”i|*59 Offer Ei Tpiros 3/31/9P Al's American Car Care Cnittnr IC19 Kiiulierly Ro Jiil Twin falls • 734-42nn Al's American Car Care Center 603 Sniilh Broailway Diihl • 543-43-15 nnicririiii C;ire Centi: 1735 Slliilll f.lriiii nanilii Ki • 934-4438 . Unlike previous generations, mony people in their 30s and 40s' ore squandering their equity now — in the form of home-equity loons.

His chief antagonist, Parliament Speaker — -Ruslan-Khasbulotovrlold-rcportera-Thurs-^ doy he no longer favored removing Yeltsin from oflicc. Read' all obout it: Monday's Academy Awards ceremony. It’s a dilemma, because Combs hasn't been effective, Abbott is nursing an injury and Ayroult has lost velocity off his fosiball. Combs wasn't happy about the decision and made his' feelings known. I've put it all behind me and I've come In this year with a new attitude. 1 know if I'm healthy I can do it." Fregosi wasn't the only one displeased with the way Combs reacted. Your choice of 0 worth of Poloris clothing and occessories. Nonetheless, their absence makqs life easier for the Aussie capiuln. (AIM — Political turmoil has meant hard limes Tor nearly everyone in the old' Soviet Union. "I'm noi'inieresie'd in polities." said nyweigln Viiuly Kurgiti, who lives in Atigarsk. said the far- rcachmg changes in his liorhelaiid have not reached his liomciown. And like nearly every oihcr institution, the boxing program is gutting a harsh lesson in capitalism. Ore-Ida CEO to resign after less than a year BOISE — Jlobcrt While, who has been president and chief executive officer of Orc-Idn Foods Inc. In addition, previous research suggests that, as people get older, they are less likely to draw upon the equity in dieir homes. Chain link fence To bo ollglblo lor aword, tho CONTRACTOR must All project agree to comply with tho AFFl RMATIVE ACTION RE- Bidders OUIREMEN'1% and MINIMUM WAGE RATES Idonti- arid roqt 110 L.

:: MY CONTACT INFORMATION ON THE NEXT PAGE :: Link = F6Rnr Pues bien, no ten is m s que dos caminos acatar el Decreto expedido por el Congreso o abandonar el Estado como parias .

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In an apparent cf Tort to boost pressure on wavering deputies, Yeltsin later restated his intention to ignore ony impeachment vote ' — which, he warned, would “plunge the people into the pit of confrontation.” Yeltsin charged that the parliament was seeking to stifle reform by pushing him out of office and avoiding a vote on the future shape of Russia's constitution. behind the backs of the citizens of Russia, behind the backs of the voters,” Yeltsin said in o tele- vised address. Page AB Lifting restrictions , 'Hic House votes to lift restrictions on abortion counseling in federally financed clinics. Hea-vy thunderstorms rumble across Gulf Caast region The Associated Press Powerful thunderstorms pounded the Gulf Const region Thursday. 110 liuitllai •- 1, Wilkanion Jaroma 10.0, 3, Mni MRIi Jiuuma. And maybe some of those guys need to look at that." . 3 * No payments for 90 days — ~j~i Sn 90 day FREE finondftg . Everything is all right." said Kargin, who is studying mechanics. They can afford to buy gri Kcries." Kargin and his leammaius fighi the Am'erican team Friday night at the Birmingliain-Jefferson Civic Center. Ii'.s u new thing for ^AMEMKAM JOHN DEERE I Winter Service Specials! " WALK-BEHIND MOWER SPECIAL • Replace or Clean Air Filter • Sleam Clean • New Spark Plug and Oil Change • Inspect and Adjust Belts • Check Compression • Inspect Ignition System a • Check and Lu'be Gear Box .• Grease • Sharpen and Balance Blade • Inspect and Adjust Cables - •. Siandard'Alignment I Snow^ 1 Tire I Removal I Dismount— Mount I Completely. “It's true wc went through some downsizing a year ago, but if you look at it in a broad context, Orc-Ida will be a very successful company,” White said. It lost the successful Weight Watchers product line ' the year before when management was tmnsferred to a newly formed company in Pittsburgh. He said there was a slight pickup in business loans this winter and he hoped that an improving economy would lead to even more sizable increases in bank lending this spring. Dc 3 pitc:thc.gloomy.prcdictions..in_ the Merrill Lynch study, there is a ray of hope, Ma Hcese said. Display Ads: • 3 business days prior to pubilualion. -gholl bo by socrot ond bo filed at the Immigration & Youth programs^ submit Exhibit X-Lottor ol Intent with tho'^ID con- p R? und’lnn^iw^ corning tho DBEs that will participoto in this controcl. By their tallies Wednesday and Thursday, conservatives could count on only about 600 of the 689 votes needed to remove the president. Noithern Utah and Nevada: Utah - Cloudy and windy with .showers nnd thunder- storms likely today and thi.s evening. Elko County - Chance of thunderstorms north and east lodoy. Amounts around the Magic Valley ranged from traces to slightly more than. I In nothcr areas, Rexburg reported .34 inch, Mullan .01, Moscow and Malta .15, Molad .03, Fairfield and Caldwell .14, Gooding .20, and Grangcvitic .26 Skies were mostly cloudy through the day in the Twin Falls area and winds were generally light. Supervisor Angclu Alioto is considering ways to amend the ordinance to exclude poet- ry readings. We .spill all our guts out there, wlien there's u war. 'Our friends that diedr' snid Comincha; — a poet from Peru living in San Fran- c Lsco. Twin Falls, tdaho Friday Matcir-2e;'1 993 ' ' Nation FBI director remains confident Clinton will keep him on job WASMINOTON (AP) — FBI DU rcclor William Sessions said Thurs- day lie is- "very opiimiscic" Presideiil Clinlon will allow hi ethical lapses and news j-eporls that While House warns him out. • adjusted annual rale of 3.55 million, down New England. This Public Works Project is financed in part by Fodoral Aid Funds. Yeltsin's aides, however, cautioned that his conservative col- leagues would number other tricks to whittle away at the president’s powers or to drive him out of oflicc. Extended forecast: Southern Idaho - Sunday and Mon- day partly cloudy in the with lows mostly in the 30s and highs in the 40s. Tuesday, postly cloudy with o chonce of rain showers west and sno W showers cast. "A lot of poets very spcci Hcnlly came to the city because of the long tradition of poetry and the accessibili- ty to poets of cheap rents, to coffee- houses where they can live out the legend they have in Europe, of the writer in Paris on the Left Bunk," Cherkovski said. -i»c-cfedits the revival of the onil inidition to Beat poets of the 19.‘)()s. “I feci like poets and poetesses ure the liu people .speaking out. Steve Tacchini said cafe' owners would be notified of the (lccade.s-o Id law us he becomes aware of violations. "I don'i accept (hose reports at all." Sessions told reptiriers after a House Judiciary panel hearing on the FBI's ucttviiies of the past year and plans for the future. ways ts^ the trunk circumference four and a half feet above ^e ^und.' Female hyctuis ore in charge. The report is "consistent with some from 3.78 mtllion in Januacyaad 4.04 At the same time, (he Labor Department employment gums.' but not rapid goins." million in December. No contractor, subcontractor, or specialty 'controctor shall bo roquirod to have a curront liconso as a Public Works Contractor in tho Stato ol Idaho, in order to submit a bid or proposal on this project: prior to oxoculion ol tho Contract, tho succosslul biddor shall securo a PUBLIC WORKS CONTRACTOR'S LI- CENSE In tho Stato of Idaho. Plus, there one large unanswered question: is Lee endorsing segregation and racism in the film?Believe it or not, in spite of these problems, the film has enough in it for adequate viewing.

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