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In addition a legend about him, similar to one told about the Swiss William Tell, is recounted in Malleus Maleficarum.The story goes that even the Count Palatine, Louis III of the Rhine, was in awe of Punker, so outstandingly accurate he was, whether on the battlefield or in the hunt.

Gort joins the growing cast of the series, which stars Brenton Thwaites in the lead role of Dick Grayson.

In order to try and trap him into admitting his magic powers, he ordered him to use his own son as a target and shoot a penny from the top of his beret. For a long time, Punker refused because he was worried that the devil might cause his normally safe hands to waver. Punker placed a bolt in his crossbow and then drew a second and tucked it in his tunic.

He then fired and struck the penny off without grazing the boy's beret.

Featuring a lineup of 12 hand-crafted ales and lagers, in addition to New York State wine and cider, you’re sure to find some new favorites or enjoy a trusted classic – all within a revived rustic-industrial building that’s filled with a hundred-plus years of Rochester history.

Now serving a menu of wood-fired brick-oven pizza and artisan salads, all of our ingredients are prepared fresh on-site using only the best quality ingredients sourced directly from our neighbors — the Rochester Public Market.

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