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It generated a feedback loop of creativity through Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr. Shia La Beouf: I’m in a nice position in that I don’t think the studios look to me to sell a film anymore. What I’ve found most interesting about your work is that your public persona has been part of it – the metamodernist performances have become indistinguishable from the performance of being a celebrity. I didn’t take any offence and I don’t think he projected any. Shia La Beouf: You never learn anything from critics.

Did your announcement on the red carpet (La Beouf wore a paper bag on his head bearing the legend “I am not famous any more”) come from a real desire to withdraw from public life? So the work I wind up doing has little or nothing to do with my public persona and everything to do with my performance. Shia La Beouf: It’s not just me, though, it’s all of us. There is a huge push from the internet to find the true self, the one-self, and it becomes harder and harder to distinguish between our private and professional selves. I think it’s okay to say ‘I am not who I am,’ both as a celebrity and as a person raised on web 2.0. I dont like the “art” term either to be honest, I like “project,” “projects” or “works" - don’t separate the artist from the audience. But I do scan them, as well as comments on Twitter. I think we (my critics and I) suffer from the same problem – we never got attention from the people who really mattered, so we seek a substitute, the applause of strangers.

Visitors were allowed to select from a number of "implements," including a whip, and then were able to have one-on-one interactions with him.

However, we just talked to said that you were responsible for the emotional thru line of this movie and now having seen this movie, yes you are. We gotta be in your head space and follow you through all of this and we’re attached to you so a lot of acting and not just action acting came through on this.

three websites that try and break stories and post stuff that we sometimes shouldn’t have.

let’s just say I think he would’ve rather not have seen me.

The actor who conducted a series of outrageous stunts over the past year, including walking a red carpet with a paper bag over his head and being arrested for disorderly conduct at a Broadway performance of magazine story on the actor.

La Beouf and the writer, Aimee Cliff, conducted a two-week long dialogue over email, an edited version of which appears as text with the video.

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