Lüneburg street dating

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The small but impressive Altenburg Castle, stands atop a hill overlooking the town and is home to an art gallery with modern German and Italian paintings, as well as featuring a playing card museum.Located near the border of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemburg, it’s easily accessible from many of the historic cities in the area as well as the famed Rhineland vineyards.If you’re traveling through Saxony-Anhalt, Quedlinburg is a must stop.A perfect spot to get lost of an afternoon and feel as if you’ve stepped into another time, you’ll walk through rambling, cobblestoned streets that snake their way around countless red-roofed half-timber houses, ancient buildings and then suddenly, situated on a sandstone cliff, is the more than a thousand year old Romanesque collegiate church, St.Servatius, which towers as an imposing landmark over the city.

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