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However, when this is not the case, they often find themselves alone and occasionally in deep trouble.Cancer Suns take great pride and joy in their ability to care for and nurture those around them.No matter how many times this happens, they still somehow manage to dust themselves off and ignore the past.In some ways this is a wonderful display of tenacity, but it also shows their inability to learn from past incidents. They both share a powerful need for security in their lives.With Moon as its ruling planet, Cancer is seen most authentically in those with this placement.Those with a Cancer Moon are able to genuinely feel their feelings.Cancer Suns have a very strong need for human companionship and understanding, which leads a good majority of them to be highly outgoing and extroverted people.

In my descriptions, I will touch on how Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Cancer gave an influence on one’s personality.

They have a very strong moral code, and will stick to it at all costs. Prone to mood swings, those with this placement often contradict themselves.

One minute they will allow everyone to see them for them, and the next minute they’ll be completely emotionally unavailable.

Acquaintances or strangers may guess your Ascendant to be your Sun sign, as they only know you on the surface rather than any deeper level.

Cancer Risings tend to be very guarded individuals, and dislike flaunting whatever their true colours are for the whole world to see right off the bat.

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