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When I asked whether she believed in them, she replied, “Heck no.But I can sell anything.” She later became a very disruptive force in the clinic as soon as she no longer believed in me.Energetic people have initiative and find things to do; they are motivated about their job and energize others. Stephen Covey of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People fame defines integrity as having that unique combination of character and competency.Obviously, one has to have the appropriate intellect for the job or success just will not happen. He illustrates this point by asking would you rather have a competent but greedy surgeon perform a knee surgery on you that you did not need or an honest but incompetent surgeon perform a knee surgery that you did need – or neither.Warning: don’t expect your prospective applicants to behave better than you.If a client comes in with a very ill pet and can not afford the medication to treat it, do you think that you should give it to them anyway if it means saving the pets life? Should they act on their own and give the medications away or should they ask you about it?In Ecoscience, in the chapter entitled "The Human Predicament: Finding A Way Out", the authors speculate about pharmaceuticals that might be developed to sterilize people.

A government might utilize sortition to select those to be sterilized in order to avoid accusations of bias or having any other adverse agenda.This has more to do with how they will act in your hospital and whether they will disrupt the work place by complaining about you without your knowledge.See Stephen Covey’s article on Be Loyal to those Absent.If they do come up with something, then examine it carefully.Obviously, in order to sell something that they didn’t believe in, they had to make some sort of trade-off (ie dishonesty vs a paycheck, or dishonesty vs feeding my family). I had a receptionist who was my best “seller” of pre-anesthetic bloodwork and pain medications (before we made them both mandatory).

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