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There, the granary, mill, monument and an assortment of buildings that provide anything from food to culture can be constructed.They’re largely buildings that serve to get your city started.Say you’re keen to start shooting out some industrial-era cavalry, but military science is an agonising 16 turns away from unlocking: you can cut that in half that by killing a unit with a knight.Everything from hunting Barbarians to setting up trade routes can contribute to boosting a tech, these 'Eureka' moments can also be found in other ways, like stealing boosts from other civs by using spies, or expending Great Scientists.With the district created, it’s ready to be built in.Religious buildings like shrines and temples generate more faith and unlock the use of different types of missionaries, who can then spread your custom religion to other cities, both domestically and internationally.The farmable land will give you the food necessary to grow your city when a citizen works it.

Each turn, your civ will be generating science – hopefully quite a lot if you’ve got a campus district and a few buildings in it – which can be invested in research that in turn unlocks new technologies, starting from the basics like animal husbandry, all the way to space flight.

The more science you’re generating, the faster you progress through the tech tree.

That means you’ll want that campus to be, just like the holy site, surrounded by mountains, and you’ll probably want to build the Great Library wonder early.

Eventually, you’ll be able to expand your city with specialised districts that not only generate more science, culture, faith, production and amenities that make everyone more content, they can be further improved when you add new buildings to them. It generates faith (more on that in the Religion section of this guide) when constructed, but the amount is based on the adjacent tiles.

It generates 1 faith per turn from each adjacent mountain tile, 2 for each adjacent natural wonder and 1 for every two adjacent wood tiles.

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