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She was eager for more, and with some encouragement from her superb and popped a second time.

From the way her pussy was pulsating, either she has spectacular kegel control or she enjoyed it as much as I did.

She offered a massage, and I offered one in return. Looking forward to lots of gentle, happy very very beautiful girl tall sexy as hell; now i know the difference between 160 asian and a 200 dollar asian; what was i thinking all this time; yes jesi is hot cant wait to repeat in a couple of days. The we lay down and cuddle, She did ask me "one more time" but that is all the bullet I have that day so i told her next time.

Loved her oohs and ahhs throughout as I massaged her neck, shoulders, back and ass, working out her knots. Jessi moaned and wiggled her way to a terrific explosion of her own, wiping the moisture from her eyes afterward to avoid smearing her makeup. Agree w Eddypower as sadly she had a cough when I saw her. I had a great I think I will be back, but too many out there can't not afford to waste too much money on one menu, She had some coughed that day, and which few days later it seems the coughed has transfer to me which until now I am still coughing.

gave great directions and I only had to look for a bit to find the entrance to the apartment.A dream I had since seeing her that day in the store.I unzipped her dress and slowly let if fall to the ground as her naked body was now upon me and ample breast and nipples were rubbing B2B. Sucking on my body and sliding down to give me a sensual /bald, I slowly go down her body and kiss her neck, earlobes, breast, nipples.Nice, unrushed shower, followed by a delightfully sensual massage.The massage actually put me over time, but Jesi didn't seem to mind at all.

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