Adult chat forum with arcade

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Whoever provides the most correct answers wins the event!

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With the new generation of consoles rapidly approaching from the horizon of the future things can only get better. In case you are checking your computer, laptop, iphone, tablet, or Star Trek communicator during a lull in the BBQ you are attending, the Gunslingers clan has several updates to share! First, they can now make their messages scroll across the page much like a news ticker. Also, they can post a countdown clock within any of their posts or signatures by simply typing the the date and name of the event. Simply use the drop down menu, select your game, and view the official Twitter feeds for it as they are updated in real time. is the most recent member to add himself to the showcase. - We have installed two new nifty abilities that members can use while posting in our clan's forums. - Our clan's text chat page now includes news feeds of your favorite game.But, always, the common thread that weaves through the experience is our love for gaming.: Gunslinger • View topic - Gunslinger Gaming Podcast ------------------------------------------------- Site & Industry News Feeds - Now, a commutative feed pulling from our forum's, blog's, and podcast's RSS scrolls vertically on the left corner of each of our site pages.

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